• Centrally manage all employee related data

  • Electronic employee files

  • Employee on-boarding portal

  • Automatic form filling using employee data

  • Create, add, remove or synchronise user names across systems – Standard with 20 SSRS Reports



  • Directly capture employee information into a central repository
  • Quickly upload employee documentation
  • Configure information requirements per role/position
  • Completely paper free with direct integration to iManage Employee files

Streamline your on-boarding processes by solving one of your company’s biggest problems: effectively on-board your new hires by reducing duplicate data entry, paper filing and manual record keeping.

Co-Flo Enterprise allows new employees to capture their personal details, upload documentation and other required information based on their new role.

  • Streamlines the employee review and approval
  • Customise documentation requirements per role.
  • On-boarding communication packs (welcome letters,
    requirements, etc.) are accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

A cost effective online platform that makes employee on-boarding faster, easier and more efficient than it has ever been.


  • Form fill any PDF or Word document
  • Bulk form generation
  • Maintain form fields/bookmarks
  • Create form packs
  • Built into the on-boarding portal to allow new hires to download previously completed documents
  • Administrators can easily add additional templates

Automatic form filling of any PDF or Microsoft Word documents I.E.: Third party documents, Department of Labor forms, Employment contracts.

Export of bulk-filled document packs such as: organisational policies, health insurance documents, employment equity and disability form packs.


  • Store all employee related documents digitally
  • Full audit tracking of files with powerful security features
  • Track e-mail correspondence with employees and auto-filing capabilities
  • Track missing documents in employee files
  • Instant access to people records or documentation

Digital storage of all employee personnel files, searching and version control.
Automatic filing of HR email correspondence to the iManage digital employee file. Having employee files in iManage allows for enterprise level security and auditing.


  • Move users between departments and have it update all associated software platforms including ERP
  • Staff movement management
  • On-boarding / Off-boarding work-flows
  • Automatic distribution list management
  • Work-flow every employee process
  • Maternity leave management
  • Promotion/demotion Management
  • Gain maximum efficiency, free up resources

The Master Employee Management Application allows for the management
of employees throughout the firm. Multiple employee related processes can be initiated from the intuitive user interface, such as: Terminations, Secondment, Promotions and Departmental Movements.


  • Automate employee on-boarding
  • Automate employee movements
  • Automate employee off-boarding
  • Reduce overhead costs by automatically disabling
    unused licenses and managing contractual obligations.
  • Integration into payroll,HR, CRM, ERP, AD, LMS, DMS, mail systems.
  • Overview/reporting of employees’ profile health across all Integrated systems.

supports native integration with the following products, and many more: