Module Overview

Document Drafting & Automation

Legal and Professional Services Firms are familiar with the challenge of time-consuming and error-prone document drafting. Clients expect you to quickly and accurately put together contracts, proposals, and other important documents - but the process is often slow and prone to mistakes.

Co-Flo Document Drafting and Automation tools were created with the user in mind. Co-Flo simplifies document drafting through:  

  • Simplified template and precedent management  
  • Centralised and secure clause library  
  • Smart draft generation in Microsoft Word format  
  • iManage work integration
  • Microsoft Word Add-in and Smart Pane

Clause & template management

Centrally manage Clauses, Sections and Templates to ensure professionals can always use the most up-to-date and approved information.

Co-Flo’s clause library allows variations on clauses to be centrally housed and managed, so knowledge workers can easily select the relevant variation on a clause to suit a particular document.

You are not limited by the clause selection and can continue working and tailoring the document as required.

Proactively manage and react to policy changes

Co-Flo’s metadata management extends to clauses, allowing you to instantly identify all documents affected by legislative changes. Update impacted documents within the centralised Clause & Template library to ensure watertight change and version control. Follow-on actions and escalations can be pushed into your PMS or CRM system to generate client re-engagement leads.

Automate document drafting

A significant amount of drafting is repetitive. Leverage your existing data to eliminate time-intensive drafting tasks with Co-Flo's document assembly tools. Co-Flo can compile a document utilising user input, smart clauses, and data gateways.

Multiple documents can be created automatically within seconds. Manual data capture, searching for templates - or worse still, copying and pasting work from other clients - is eliminated. Data entered into Smart Forms can also be used again to populate other documents, eliminating the need to re-enter the same information again and again.

Consistent & professional formatting

Spend time doing the thinking while Co-Flo does the formatting.
Co-Flo Document Assembly manages all your clients’ house styles and document formatting for you. Across fonts, font sizes, paragraph formatting and numbering – Co-Flo Document Assembly will ensure your Agreements are kept professional and in line through the drafting and editing process