Module Overview

Request Management

The key to achieving the best possible service at high levels of efficiency is directing your resources to where they are needed most. Effectively triaging and prioritising your business requests ensures that the right task gets the right attention at the right time.

Co-Flo Request Management is the gateway to efficient request processing. Automate mundane, repetitive requests to focus valuable time on business priorities.

Imagine: a comprehensive request lands on the desk of the right Professional at exactly the right time. Imagine no more. Welcome to Co-Flo.

Secure online access

The Co-Flo Request Portal is easily accessible to Co-Flo users and non-users alike. Allow Clients to easily access the Request Form through a secure web portal, while other Co-Flo users within the business can submit requests directly through the Co-Flo user interface.

Complete information - everytime

Co-Flo’s smart forms ensure comprehensive information is gathered to quickly and efficiently process a Request. Best of all - you are in full control of which details to request.

Different types of requests require different information. Some requests are simple (a vanilla contract addendum) and some are complex (an assault case involving multiple parties). Co-Flo’s smart forms will adapt according to the category of the request - no more generic forms that are not fit for purpose or gather superfluous information.

Automated triage & prioritisation

With Co-Flo, requests move immediately to the right individual and do not sit or get lost in general department inboxes and queues. You have the power to set allocation rules based on criteria such as client, request category or priority, while Co-Flo does the rest.
Not all Requests are created equal. Some are high priority and need to be actioned within hours. Some are lower priority and can be actioned within a few business days.
Co-Flo can assign a Request Priority based on the Request category or sub-category, the client, and the specialist that will be assigned to handle the case.

Team Leaders’ time can be focussed on managing and problem solving rather than the administrative task like request allocation.