Take control of your matters with Co-Flo Enterprise

Co-Flo Enterprise provides professionals with a central source of truth for matter information & priorities. We partner with the world leading Document Management System, iManage, to turn our customers' overwhelming matter details into clear and actionable insights.

Co-Flo brings clarity, structure, and efficiency into business processes - enabling in-house corporate teams and professional services firms to make better decisions, boost productivity, and minimise business risk.

Matter clarity within iManage Work. One Tab. One Solution.

Born out of 30 years of experience in legal technology

Features Overview

Elevate your internal processes & compliance, without elevating costs

Manage, action and report on Matters throughout your organisation

Manage every case, matter or project in your business – right within iManage Work.
Co-Flo gives you visibility and control over your business processes and allows you to deliver better, faster service to your internal customers or external clients. Our platform has been engineered for a streamlined user experience, ensuring that your teams can engage on value-adding work anytime, anywhere.


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