Module Overview

Dashboards & Reporting

Stay ahead of your SLA commitments and showcase the value of your legal team. Co-Flo Dashboards & Reports provide real-time data on leading and lagging indicators of performance to keep your finger on the pulse of operations.

Maintain Focus on Top-Priority Matters

Keep your teams focused on the most important tasks, rather than those sitting at the top of their inboxes. Co-Flo allows you to tag matters with a risk level, and ensures these are prominently displayed in your teams’ Dashboards. Drilling down, sorting, and filtering enable focused analysis of the most relevant data. One click will take the user to the relevant iManage workspace, allowing them to take immediate action.

Optimise Team Resource Allocation & Justify Budget Requests

Co-Flo Dashboard capabilities provide you with an in-depth view of each team member's workload, facilitating more equitable and effective task distribution.
Motivate for additional budget when required by presenting a detailed picture of your team's workload and demands, substantiating the need for resources based on real-time data and trends.

Agile changes and real-time updates

Co-Flo’s BI Designer interface allows you to make changes on the fly. Insert a new chart? Sure. Change chart type, colours, or data? Too easy. All this can be done quickly and intuitively by a business user. No need to call tech support.

Any updates to Matter Management fields are reflected instantly in Dashboards. No lags. No technical mapping required. If it is a field that can be completed anywhere in Co-Flo – then you can report on it.

Efficient, Real-Time Spreadsheet Reports

Save countless hours spent on creating executive updates and auditor reports. With its comprehensive data export options, Co-Flo allows for the transformation of detailed information on matters and entities into user-friendly spreadsheet formats. Users have the autonomy to extract any accessible data directly, eliminating the need for IT requests.

Access security & control

As with all Co-Flo features and functions – information, data and business intelligence access is carefully controlled. Whether it is at a user group level or at an individual level – you have full control over who can see information, who can extract information and who can drill down into deeper information. Co-Flo’s access control user interface allows you to easily control and views your data security and access settings, helping you tightly manage your risk.