Module Overview

Co-Flo eSigning Bridge

Signing on the bottom line is the goal. It is the culmination of many hours of knowledge application, drafting, and negotiations. It is where the real value begins for the business. Delays in the execution process not only create opportunity costs, but also leave the negotiation door open for longer than it needs to be.

Co-Flo eSigning Bridge is the engine that streamlines signing processes. Co-Flo manages tailored workflows across both systems, so your team doesn't have to.

Saving time. Mitigating risk. Putting you in full control of contract execution.

Send for signing in just a few clicks

With Co-Flo, documents can be sent for signing with your chosen eSignature platform without even leaving iManage. No more downloading and re-uploading files – just select the eSigning action from the Co-Flo action menu in iManage.

Instant filing in iManage

Let your team focus on value-adding work while Co-Flo does the admin for you. Once a contract is signed, Co-Flo will download the document from your eSigning platform and save it in the appropriate iManage folder. Gone are the days of searching for signed copies of agreements across platforms, emails and folders.

Singature statuses within iManage Work

Save time by viewing document signature within iManage Work via the document overview screen, without having to log in to your eSignging platform.