Module Overview

Co-Flo eSigning Bridge

Signing on the bottom line is the goal. It is the culmination of many hours of knowledge application, drafting, and negotiations. It is where the real value begins for the business. Delays in the execution process not only create opportunity costs, but also leaves the negotiation door open for longer than it needs to be.

Co-Flo Sign is the engine that streamlines signing processes, automates workflows and ensures Delegations of Authority and escalations are systematically managed. Fully integrated into iManage Work and numerous eSigning solutions, Co-Flo manages tailored workflows across both systems so your teams don’t have to.

Saving time. Mitigating risk. Putting you in full control of contract execution.

Full integration with your chosen eSignature provider

On implementation, Co-Flo’s powerful workflow engine is fully customised to your agreement types and integrated with your chosen eSignature provider to automate sending contracts for signature.

Co-Flo polls the eSignature platform every minute so you have full transparency of each Contract's status, right within Co-Flo.

Automate follow-ups

Let your team focus on value-adding work while Co-Flo does the follow-ups for you. Co-Flo’s task and reminder features identify delays in sign-off processes to trigger automated reminders and emails. Co-Flo can be programmed to trigger escalation to relevant parties where deadlines or key dates are not met.

Systematically apply your Delegations of Authority

Ensure all critical stakeholders are included in the review and sign off processes. Co-Flo allows you to systematically implement your Delegation of Authority at an Agreement category level.

Co-Flo can differentiate between the nature of the agreement, risk profile, value, term and more to ensure that the correct sign-off and escalation processes are applied.

Track progress in Dashboards

Co-Flo’s tailored dashboards allow you to easily track progress at an agreement and matter level. Bottlenecks can be easily identified across individual agreements or cases, so you can proactively react to any expected delays.

Security is non-negotiable

Co-Flo has deep granular security ensuring that the correct people have access to the correct data and workflows. Carefully control which Specialists have the ability to finalise and trigger sign-off of sensitive or high-profile Agreements. In conjunction, provide broader access to more vanilla, high-volume work to improve efficiencies in line with risk management.