Module Overview

Native iManage Integration

Co-Flo integrates seamlessly into iManage Work, augmenting the value obtained from your Document Management System.
Our purpose is to enhance your current processes – not to force change. Co-Flo fits harmoniously into the iManage user interface, appearing as an action button in the iManage toolbar and an item in the iManage menu. As a result, users can immediately start to incorporate Co-Flo functionality in their everyday tasks – bringing immediate improvements in efficiency.
Boost your productivity while tightly managing risk with Co-Flo Enterprise and iManage Work.

Drive deeper insights with unlimited metadata

Co-Flo expands on iManage's metadata functionality by allowing for an unlimited number of metadata fields to be created for each Matter, Case, and Entity. Gather all the information your business needs for deeper insights into process and performance.

Create and manage matters and entities within your Document Management System

By bringing Matter and Entity Management into iManage, Co-Flo creates a single source of truth within one platform for all business data. Co-Flo users can access the Matter and Entity Management modules through the Co-Flo user interface, right from within iManage Work.

Expand the use of iManage across your business

Co-Flo Entity Management creates the option of having multiple departments in your business use the same iManage library, tailored to a format that best suits their unique processes. Smart Forms can be customised for each department’s Matter type, ensuring that no team has to force fit their processes to use the system. This allows different teams to collaborate in the same workspace when required, boosting collaboration and data security - no more downloading and emailing of sensitive documents.

Serve your customers better

Improve collaboration with multi-layered file notes, ensuring that your team can view updates on a matter or client in the same place that they access relevant documents. Ensure nothing falls through the cracks by creating and tracking tasks and reminders on a Document, Matter or Entity level. Experience full visibility and control over your matters in one, unified platform.

Efficiently send and automate filing of eSigned documents

Send documents off for signing with your chosen eSignature provider right from within iManage, then let Co-Flo monitor for updates and automate escalations. Once signed, the document is automatically downloaded from your eSignature platform and filed in the correct iManage folder.

Be in control with granular security & access management

Experience full control over the security of your data. Co-Flo draws upon the security controls and roles defined in the iManage SPM, to protect and archive the data accordingly when the work is complete. Set security and access controls on a role, group, individual, case or entity level.