Module Overview

Case & Matter Management

Unlock unparalleled visibility over your work with Co-Flo Matter Management, a solution that extends and enhances iManage Work with matter management capabilities. Co-Flo empowers legal teams by reducing overwhelm, fostering easier collaboration, and augmenting the value that your legal team brings to the business.

Easy and fast matter creation

Unlike other work management systems, Co-Flo allows you to create a matter without leaving iManage. Quickly and easily kick off a matter by accessing the Matter Creation Smart Form from iManage in your browser.
Co-Flo Matter Creation Smart Forms are completely configurable with unlimited metadata fields, to allow you to gather as much information as required for your unique business needs

iManage workspace generation

Once a matter is created, Co-Flo gets to work by immediately setting up an iManage workspace with your chosen standardised folder structure for the matter. Ensure consistent and easy navigation across every workspace, every time.

Work linked to your organisational structure

Co-Flo allows you to link each matter to a Business Unit, OpCo or Department to drive accountability and feedback to your internal customers. This contextualises your work whilst reducing the risk of orphaned matters as organisational structures change.
Co-Flo also maintains clear accountability by assigning matters to specific users, preventing tasks from being overlooked. Its bulk edit and reassign feature efficiently handles matter transfers during staff changes or absences, ensuring continuous management and oversight.

Advanced reporting & dashboards

Access actionable insights on your matters right within iManage Work. Co-Flo dashboards are interactive, configurable and display information in real-time so you can choose to report on the information that is truly relevant for your business. When users spot an actionable insight, a single click on the chart will take them straight to the matter workspace – saving time and giving your team the power to prevent bottlenecks before they impact service levels.

Security is non-negotiable

Co-Flo only makes use of enterprise-grade sign-in technologies to ensure that the correct people see the correct data. Security can be set on a role, group and individual level, and Co-Flo will ensure that the security controls and roles defined in your iManage Security Policy Manager (SMP) are reflected across matter workspaces, tasks, dashboards and documents.