Module Overview

Centralised Tasks & Reminders

Avoid management-by-inbox with Co-Flo’s multi-layered task manager, fully integrated into iManage Work.
Whether it’s at the Case, Matter, Entity or Document level – Co-Flo allows you to easily generate, track and action tasks where you need them. Ensure staff are focused on the most pressing cases and activities, rather than the ones sitting at the top of their inbox.

Feel in control of your teams’ workloads

With Co-Flo, all task statuses can be viewed in real-time via interactive dashboards or Listing Screen – allowing users to prioritise their time effectively, teams to collaborate effectively, and team leaders to pre-empt bottlenecks. A single click takes the user straight to the relevant workspace, allowing insights to be actioned immediately.

Assign, prioritise and approve work quickly

Co-Flo allows you to conveniently create tasks associated with a Case, Matter, Entity, or Document – and assign these to both Co-Flo users and external stakeholders. Intuitive UI guides users to upload documentation, review, and approve tasks in just seconds. Meanwhile, overdue tasks are flagged and escalated to ensure that your team consistently meets deadlines and maintains a high standard of service delivery.

Save time with bulk edit and re-assign functionality

Today’s business environment is ever-dynamic, and Co-Flo Tasks allow you to remain agile when changes arise. Bulk edit functionality allows multiple tasks to be re-assigned to a new user, updated to a new due date, upgraded to a different priority level, and more.

Security is non-negotiable

As with all Co-Flo features and functions – information, data and business intelligence access is carefully controlled. Whether it is at a user group level or at an individual level – you have full control over who can see information, who can extract information and who can drill down into deeper information. Co-Flo’s access control user interface allows you to easily control and views your data security and access settings, helping you tightly manage your risk.